AeroCamera is a new provider of full-HD aerial video shooting services using a professional drone piloted by an ENAC-certified operator..

Aerial video shooting with drone:

We provide aerial photography services, advertising aerial video shoots, institutional or promotional videos, aerial video shoots for wedding cerimonies or sport events, aerial photos for hotels, restaurants and companies as well as panoramic aerial photos or videos.
We provide our services in Italy, Austria and Slovenia, mainly in the Veneto region and in the four provinces of Friuli Venezia Giulia (Udine, Trieste, Pordenone and Gorizia).

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Building sector:

  • Check and inspection of roofs, buildings and infrastructures, as well as of cultural assets
  • Inspection of plants, thermographic surveys
  • Rendering of 3D models

Environment and territory:

Farming sector:

  • Analysis of large-scale multispectral images
  • Precision farming

Aerial support to operational forces: